Sunday surprise at the creek

Hello! How are you?

Hello! How are you?

Welcome to my brand-new website!!!  I am so excited to finally have one focal point for all my various photographic exploits!  I’ll be sharing pictures and mini-stories of various little adventures Blanca and I get ourselves into while exploring the southern Oregon coast.

Last Sunday, for instance, we headed back to the creek where I had been photographing the rough-skinned newts.  I wanted to see how they were doing.  We didn’t spot any newts at all, but instead WE were spotted and approached by about a dozen cows that had gotten out of their pasture.

What is that blinking red light?

What is that shiny little box?

The biggest mama cow was extremely curious and very friendly.  I was so delighted to meet her!

I just hope they don't see me!

I just hope they don’t see me!

Blanca, my dear sheep dog/cattle dog mix, was pretty much terrified by the big black creatures and tried to be invisible.

Who doesn't like a little back scratch?

A little bit more to the left, please! Yeah, that’s the spot!

Since I was being so friendly, Big Mama thought Blanca might want to say hello as well.

Get away from me!!!

Get away from me!!!

I could hear Blanca’s teeth snapping in the air, but no harm done.  Big Mama simply turned and walked away calmly.  She handled that beautifully.

That was entertaining!

This is so entertaining!

It was a wonderful spontaneous encounter that really brightened my day, and I think the cows really enjoyed it as well!

Where are you going now? Can we come?

Trying to follow us as we were leaving …

You never know what surprise might be waiting for you!  If you want to see the newts, go here to see a little film I made that shows them underwater grazing on algae.  They are really cute!

Take care, Claudia



  1. John Hayes September 30, 2015 at 2:19 pm #

    I’m so happy to see your new site; I look forward to following and reading your blogs!

    PS – is there a “like” button that I missed?

    • Claudia Kuenkel September 30, 2015 at 7:19 pm #

      Thanks for bringing that up, John! I just added a Like button.

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