Stranger #2/100: Lynne

Lynne and Karma

Lynne and Karma

While I was exploring Cape Arago State Park on the beautiful Oregon Coast near Coos Bay, I saw Lynne walking around with a huge furry friend, and I decided to go for the spontaneous approach this time. She had seen me walk with Blanca to my car and we recognized each other as sister animal lovers. Lynne immediately agreed to participate in the project. She was visiting from California for a few days, I think she said from Orangevale (near Sacramento). Her gorgeous dog Karma is a mix between shepherd and Alaskan Malamute.

Lynne did not shy away from kneeling and sitting in the wet grass and Karma positively wanted nothing more than to lie in it! They had been traveling in the car all day. Between the bright sunlight and the dark shade, I was struggling to make anything work for me. I had my reflector but couldn’t seem to make any use of it. I knew I wasn’t doing well but had a bit of a mental blank where I couldn’t think of any way to improve things. Lynne was wonderfully relaxed and casual and I almost felt like I knew her, which really helped. I wanted to make a nice portrait but did rather mess it up. It took a lot of work in post-processing to salvage this image, giving it sort of a faded retro feel. The pose was Lynne’s idea and I really like the triangle shape. Karma’s look is so cute in this one. I have a funny feeling this could even turn out to be one of my favorites in the end! Please email me, Lynne, and I will send you several pictures. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay in Oregon!

Lesson learned: Get over the fear of taking bad pictures! Going through those failures opens the door for progress! Welcome it.


  1. Trish Leach Guzman October 23, 2015 at 5:21 pm #

    Hmmmmm…it’s not “bad” or even a failure. I see both subjects at ease with pleasant expressions, eyes open , mouths poised and the blades of grass are also in focus. Be mindful of what’s behind your subject that does not
    contribute to the overall view. Maybe moving 45 degrees to left or right would have framed her head with a backdrop of nature instead of Detroit . 🙂 Trish P.S. This is fun !

    • Claudia Kuenkel October 23, 2015 at 7:04 pm #

      Thanks, Trish! You’re right about the background, of course, but they do look so cute together in this shot!

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