October Storm 2016

For the past several days, the Pacific Northwest has been visited by a series of storms.  On Saturday, the biggest one came thundering through.


This tree in our little park succumbed to the hurricane-force winds today. I was very sad to see this as it feels like a friend we often pass on our daily walks.


Little creeks that had almost run dry during the summer are suddenly fast-flowing miniature rivers.


It can be hard to keep airplanes from flying when you don’t want them to! This particular plane already had suffered some damage a while back when it flipped after clipping a fence on takeoff. Ever since, it had been tied down. Until today.


The answer to a question that had been on my mind: What do the seagulls do during such a storm? They huddle together on the runway! Unlike the little plane, they can fold up their wings and turn their streamlined bodies into the wind.


High winds bring big waves. This storm was actually a remnant from a typhoon called Songda that peaked near Japan 4 days ago. That is roughly 5000 miles or 8000 km from here.


The roar of the ocean is noticeably louder than usual. The surf is very dangerous and includes rolling logs, so our beach walks are on hold for the moment.


The moisture hangs like thick drapes around every hill.


I think summer is over and winter has begun!


And yet, even on a day like this there can also be a glorious sunset by the sea!

No picture can quite convey the violent forces in motion like a video can, so here is a 2-minute video of my storm coverage:

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