Get a beautiful portrait of your dog for only $105


Included are the following:
1)  Photo session of around 25 minutes at your home or other location
2)  Spiral-bound keepsake album with ten printed 4 x 5 images
3)  One fabulous 8 x 10 float wrap of your favorite image


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So you can always look into those shiny loving eyes.


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southwest Oregon


I also do cats!


Below is an example of a float wrap.


“Float wrap” refers to a particular way of printing and mounting a photo for wall display.

First your photo is printed on metallic photo paper, which gives it a very subtle shimmer and a bit of a punch to the colors.  It is coated with a protective matte lamination, which eliminates reflections and provides a rich fabric-like appearance.  Then the print is wrapped tightly around padded Masonite (hard board of wood fibers) and fastened in the back.  The padding creates rounded, soft edges.  The back is covered with black paper and has a block of 3/4″ Gator Board (very rigid foam board) in the center with holes for hanging.  The result is a luxurious vibrant image that mysteriously “floats” in front of the wall.   The texture of the print and the soft shape are so sensual, and yet the sharpness of the photo is absolutely brilliant.  Again and again I notice that the float wraps on my wall are the most beautiful of all and speak to me and are full of life!  They can hang right next to a window without problems with light reflection.  Even at 8 x 10, this mounting option is stunningly gorgeous and my personal favorite.

Two 10 x 10 float wraps


View of the back


Example of spiral-bound book of prints (shown is 5 x 7)