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Snow in Gold Beach

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October Storm 2016

For the past several days, the Pacific Northwest has been visited by a series of storms.  On Saturday, the biggest one came thundering through. No picture can quite convey the violent forces in motion like a video […]

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Painted Hills & The Dalles

After visiting Petersen Rock Garden near Bend in the morning, I headed east on Highway 26 towards Painted Hills.  A hazy overcast sky signalled the end to the heat spell and brought great relief. http://oregonencyclopedia.org/articles/state_of_oregon_v_norman_williams_/#.V4rYgNJTGM8  

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Petersen Rock Garden

Rasmus Petersen was a teenager when he immigrated from Denmark to America around 1902 and settled in Central Oregon between Redmond and Bend.  He worked the family farm and it wasn’t until the age of 52 that […]

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Bend and Cascade Lakes

Bend is the largest city in Central Oregon, beginning its history in roughly 1900 when it was important in the logging industry.  It is located on the eastern edge of the Cascade Range mountains where forests of Ponderosa […]

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Crater Lake

It was my second visit to Crater Lake, the blue jewel of Oregon.  This round and very deep lake formed inside a massive crater left behind when a large volcano known as Mount Mazama collapsed about 7700 […]

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River otter family

The sun had finally come out and it almost felt like the first hint of spring in the air down at the Gold Beach harbor this past Saturday.  I noticed a family of river otters who were just finishing a […]

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Coast of trees and sea lions

This past Sunday we had one glorious day of sunshine and I was determined to make the most of it!  So I decided to drive north up the coast to see the famous Sea Lion […]

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Nature’s Coastal Holiday

Today was a bright interlude between rain events and I headed to Azalea Park in Brookings hoping to find stranger #8.  I only found two electricians who were working, so I didn’t want to disturb them.  […]

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Fall: Less light, more drama!

In the northern hemisphere, fall means that the days are getting shorter and shorter.  Those short days are then further darkened by voluminous storm clouds that can completely obscure the sun for days, if not weeks.  […]

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