Monthly Archives: November 2015


Fall: Less light, more drama!

In the northern hemisphere, fall means that the days are getting shorter and shorter.  Those short days are then further darkened by voluminous storm clouds that can completely obscure the sun for days, if not weeks.  […]

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Stranger #7/100: Marlene

Her name is pronounced M-a-r-l-e-e-n-a.  I was tentatively trying to spell it and she quickly clarified, “Just like Marlene Dietrich!”   I had been waiting for quite a while for a stranger opportunity when Marlene and Tim came upon […]

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Stranger #6/100: Tim

My quest for stranger opportunities led me to Mingus Park today, a very nice community park in the city of Coos Bay.  I found a wonderful shaded area with a small stand of bamboo that was beautifully backlit.  […]

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Stranger #5/100: Ilona

It was Ilona’s little dog Charlie who came up to me to say hello in Azalea Park in Brookings.  Ilona started up a friendly conversation and asked about my circular case.  It is the bag that […]

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