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Snow in Gold Beach

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October Storm 2016

For the past several days, the Pacific Northwest has been visited by a series of storms.  On Saturday, the biggest one came thundering through. No picture can quite convey the violent forces in motion like a video […]

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Rock theater

The popular activity of beachcombing has never attracted me much since I’m not the collector type.  I see people walking with their heads bowed, examining the sand at a snail’s pace.  I’m not sure what exactly they’re looking […]

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River otter family

The sun had finally come out and it almost felt like the first hint of spring in the air down at the Gold Beach harbor this past Saturday.  I noticed a family of river otters who were just finishing a […]

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Fall: Less light, more drama!

In the northern hemisphere, fall means that the days are getting shorter and shorter.  Those short days are then further darkened by voluminous storm clouds that can completely obscure the sun for days, if not weeks.  […]

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Construction of Curry General Hospital

The construction of the new hospital in Gold Beach is now in full swing and the other day I spent some time watching.

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